asked to fly an isis flag outside the hospital room

ap_18031564376890jpg. 4 / 4. footage captured by a turkish armed forces drone shows what they claim to be afrin\u0027s general hospital at 9:49 on march 17, 2018. trump\u0027s \u201cmuslim ban\u201d is a huge gift to isis. image credit: nbc news. photo via wikimedia commons. dr bedoria macabalang inspecting what remains of the 50-bed salaam hospital \u201ci can\u0027t cry anymore because all the tears have dried up,\u201d she said. a hezbollah operations center, hidden deep within a mountainous bunker complex, at the war museum operated by hezbollah in southern lebanon. flags . egypt mosque terror attack: egyptian officials say gunmen were carrying the isis flag | the independent.